I’ll be back…

I have been trying to write a post everyday, however, my girls got sick and now I’m sick. So once I’m better I will be up and writing. 🙂 stay with me and be inspired.


True Beauty…

True Beauty comes from expressing love, wisdom and spirit without constraint. It’s infectious.

-Kate O’Brien, founder of Alima Pure

Wednesday Weddings!

ImageI thought that it would be good to not only talk about beauty, but green weddings as well! I will soon be a part of (hopefully) a website called…Green Bride Guide! It is very similar to the Knot, only this is for Brides who prefer to green their wedding. You are able to purchase stuff for your wedding, locate local vendors, etc. Another cool aspect is you can find ideas based on the theme of your wedding. There is also an option for you to create a registry on it.

If you are looking to green your entire wedding, this would be a good place to start! I will hopefully have a profile on there just as I do the Knot.

Be inspired…