Wedding Wednesday DIY

Weddings can be expensive. For my wedding I did a lot of DIY to keepĀ the costs down. I am also very big on reusing old things, such as jars from food, drinks, etc. Often times I use them for vases. It’s just as good as buying brand new vases. With a little love, you can get those jars looking great!

A couple weeks ago, I did the Bride World Expo in Costa Mesa. For my booth, I wanted to bring in some nature. So I grabbed some of my mason jars and wrapped someĀ Jute twine around the bottoms…and viola! I got a cute vase! Take a look. I think that they came out really well. Something very simple can be very elegant. I got lots of compliments on them. Lots of brides taking pictures wanting to use that idea for their wedding! So, what do you have to lose? Go ahead and look around your house and get crafting…green style!


Starting Again!

Hello Everyone!

I have been taking a break from this but I am back and am going to continue to try and bring new posts more often. I already have a few lined up so I’m excited to get started! Tomorrow will be my first new post for Wedding Wednesday!

Thank you all to are supporting me!