My Fabulous “Booger Boys”…

It’s Friday and it’s time to talk about something FABULOUS! I know what you are thinking…Booger Boys? How is that fabulous…sounds gross. It doesn’t have anything to do with being “green” and eco friendly, but it is something fabulous! BB2 NEW Nick cover

Print12 years ago, my husband, Nick Moya, wrote and illustrated his very first children’s book called, Booger Boys and the Eye of OsirisLast year, we decided to revisit it and see if we could self-publish it. After lots of research, we found Createspace, which is a division of Amazon. We put it up and it was amazing to see his first book for sale and printed! Since then, he has written two more. Booger Boys and the Mystery of the Missing Things is out and sold on Amazon along with the first. The third will be out by the summer. Stay tuned.

jenn kids 3

My sister is a Third Grade teacher and she has been reading these books to her class! They are loving them! It is awesome to have little fans and that is what he likes about it. He wants to see his books in the hands of all kids! Getting kids interested in books and reading is his main goal! At my sister’s school, they have a program called Peacebuilders. jenn kids 2This is jenn kids 1where they will praise people and what they have done. Some of the kids in her class decided to write to my husband and I would love to share them with you now.

These books are great for all ages really. If I had to say a specific age group, I would say Middle Grade/Young Readers. They are full of adventure, mystery, friendship and much more. Nick was and still is, inspired by Comic Books. We designed the cover to look like a comic book, but inside you will find a mix of both Chapter books and Comics! I am so proud of my husband and this FABULOUS accomplishment!

If you have kids, boys and girls, please check out these books! They are FABULOUS! (And I’m not just saying that because he is my husband. They really are awesome!) Thank you for your support!

They are available on and Amazon. 532_amazon-1[1]

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