Green Weddings Part 1: The Venue

If you are planning on going green for your wedding, more power to you! There are lots of ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint…even on one of the biggest day of your life! All you need to do is remember the three R’s in every category of your wedding day: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

I know what you are thinking…how can picking a venue reduce my carbon footprint? It can, you just need to ask the right questions. Questions, that most brides wouldn’t even think to ask. I will list some of the main questions you should ask to help you make the right decision for you and your Groom-to-Be.

  • Do they have a recycling policy?
  • Are you able to host the ceremony and reception there? This helps reduce traveling pollution to and from each site.
  •  Where do they purchase their food and do they support local or regional farmers?
  •  Do they compost leftover food or do they donate leftovers to a local garden?
  • Do they have any decor items on site that you would be able to reuse?
  • Are you able to bring in your own baker so you have the option of getting an organic wedding cake?
  • Are you able to reuse floral arrangements from the previous night’s event for bathrooms, entrance tables, etc.?

Those are just a few of the questions that you can ask your venue in addition to all the others that you would normally ask. For more, you can check out Eco-Chic Weddings by Emily Elizabeth Anderson. She has a lot of great information!

When planning your wedding and looking into the venue, you want to support businesses that are doing in regard to sustainability. Make sure they are on the same wavelength as you are in regards to green practices. There are lots of great places that you can get married in such as: a park, or you can support a Non-Profit by having it at a Museum or a garden. A great place is a Vineyard! You would be supporting local farming, plus most of them have a restaurant on site which would give you the same benefits of having the reception at a restaurant. I have done many wedding here in Temecula at the local Vineyards! They are beautiful!

Check out these websites to help you find a green venue by you. This is my favorite place to go for information on green weddings.

The knot also has a way that you can check Eco-friendly when searching.

I hope that I have given you some good information as a start of this green weddings series! Thank you for reading and please pass it along to those who will benefit from this information!

“Being Green is Beautiful!”


The New Wedding Wednesdays Heads Up!

I haven’t been writing in almost a year! A lot has happened…moved twice and bought a house! That has been taking a lot of my attention, but I am trying to get back into this. I have thought about what I wanted to do on Wedding Wednesdays and decided that I was going to help you plan an Eco Friendly Wedding! Each week, I will talk about the different aspects it takes to plan and execute a wedding. I hope that it is helpful to you or someone else that you know that is in the planning stages right now.

Here is a wedding planning checklist that I have created for you to help this planning process go as simply as possible! As you can see, one of the first things on the list is to find a venue…so that is where I will start. Next week, I will talk about how to choose a venue that goes with your eco friendly vibe!

Yes, today is Thursday and not Wednesday, however, I wanted to give you a heads up as to what will be coming starting next week! I look forward to sharing with you lots of great information about creating a green wedding.

wedding planning checklist

Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_1051Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

I got a very special gift from my oldest daughter, who is 7. She drew a picture of me at school and gave it to me. This poem was on the back. She is getting so good at art! That is something I know she didn’t get from me. 🙂


Happy Earth Day!!!

Hello Green Beauties!

Today is Earth Day! We celebrate this planet that we all call home…even though I believe we should treat EVERYDAY as if it’s Earth Day!

Starting now, try to “green” something in your everyday life and then continue that. Whether it’s buying organic food, changing out your makeup to be organic, using cloth bags instead of plastic, switching to stainless steel mugs instead of buying plastic bottles, even walking somewhere instead of driving…every little bit helps.

This is a chalk drawing that my seven year old daughter did! She did it all on her own! I love that she has my passion at a young age as I did.


Stay Beautiful and Stay Green!!! 

Happy Earth Day!!!

Our Very Own Rainforest…

This year I am doing something different on Fridays! They are called Fabulous Fridays! I will write and share about places, people, things that I think are Fabulous! I hope that you enjoy. This friday I will talk about a place that is truly amazing and fabulous…the Tropical Rainforest!

Ever since I can knew what the Rainforest was, I knew that I wanted to go there. I wanted to protect it and someday I would do what I could to do my part.
rainforestMy oldest daughter is now almost 7 and she has grown a love for the Rainforest as I do. (I’m sure I have influenced her a bit…not that this is a bad thing.) 🙂 I love seeing her passion at such a young age.

This year I decided that we were not going to have a birthday party for her or her sister. Then one day that changed. She said that she wanted to have a Rainforest birthday! How could I resist that? Then I started thinking, when I was younger why didn’t I think of that? So, I told her that they could have a joint birthday party and it would be for family. (Their birthdays are a month a part.)

Fast forward a couple months, I was busy looking for ideas as to how to have a rainforest party. I found ideas as to how to make vines and I took that and ran with it.

IMG_6347 IMG_6348 IMG_6349IMG_6350

My daughter loves to draw, so she looked up Rainforest animals and drew them herself! I up cycled grocery paper bags and twisted them and added green/brown yarn around them to give them texture. I added green tablecloths and put them on the ceiling to give the idea that you are under a Kapok Tree and all the vines are hanging around you.


This is what the final product looked like from afar. Looks better in person! But the girls loved it! This was definitely one of my favorites to decorate for! We called this our own little Amazon. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit this Fabulous place!

If you want to find more information about this wonderful place and how you can do your part, check out the Rainforest Action Network!

Would love to hear about your fabulous places! Please comment down below!