Friday Favorite-Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hair Spray

I LOVE this hairspray! This is one of the best firm hold hair sprays out there…at least that I have used. It smells good and it works well.

A little bit about it from the Aveda website:

  • All-day firm hold and 24-hour humidity defense
  • Fast-drying, non-flaking formula
  • UV filters and anti-oxidants
  • Organic essential oils of Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, palmarosa, and vetiver—calming aroma


What’s also great about this product is it has a net-zero climate impact.

“Through Aveda’s funding of renewable energy to offset the CO2 associated with the manufacturing, transportation and use of Aveda aerosol hair sprays.”

If you are looking for something to hold well and all day and night! Check out this and some of their other amazing hair products at

I have actually included the travel size in my Mini Organic Hair Touch-up Kits!