Makeover Mondays!

RachelKyle0115This year I have decided to start Makeover Mondays! What you should expect from these posts are either makeover your makeup or makeup consultations. These will be 45-60 min consultations that can be done via Skype or if you are local, at your house. I can help you “green” your makeup kit, teach you how to use the makeup that you currently have or do a complete makeup makeover on you and your kit. Whatever you need in regards to makeup, I can try and help you with! There will be some samples and/or give-a-ways during these consultations no matter where you live! Each one will be custom to each client.

Throughout the consultation, I will be asking some questions and taking pictures. I would like to post the results right here on my blog every Monday! Of course, if you do not want your name or picture mentioned, that is perfectly fine by me! I’m hoping that this will help and inspire other women out there to make a change!

If you are interested in learning more about these Makeover Consultations, please send me an email: I would love to help you be more confident with your makeup!