W3ll People-Brand Spotlight

ImageHippie Tested.

Diva Approved.

This is a new brand to me and I have fallen in love with it! Not only are the products amazing, so is the customer service. They are based in Austin, Texas and I can’t wait to go by their studio when I get to Austin someday.

The main ingredient in this line is Organic Aloe Vera! It is a great skin repair agent as well as a great moisturizer. They have infused the Aloe Vera into many of their products so that you can get the benefits of this wonderful plant.

Their products include:

  • Narcissist Stick Foundation
  • Altruist Mineral Foundation
  • Hedonist Lumionus Mineral Bronzer
  • Realist Satin Mineral Setting Powder
  • Lumist Mineral Glow
  • Realist X HD Mineral Setting Powder
  • Universalist Matte and Luminous Multi-Use Colorstick
  • Purist Luminous Mineral Blush
  • Elitist Matte, Lumionus, Shimmer Mineral Shadow
  • Hypnotist Eyeliner
  • Nudist Colorbalm Stick
  • Paganist Lipgloss
  • Some brushed

My favorite is the Stick Foundation and the HD Setting Powder. I am still getting experience with the other products. Once I do, I will let you know how I feel about them. 🙂

Check them out and if you live near Austin, go to their studio.