DIY Summer Body Scrub!

During the summer we all want to have that glowing skin! The best way to get that is drink lots of water….and EXFOLIATE! I have a great scrub that will help your skin feel smooth and look glowing! Plus you can get all the ingredients from you local market!


You will need the following:

1 cup of Organic Sea Salt

1/2 cup of Organic Raw Sugar

5 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

15 drops of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1 glass jar with lid and spoon (if you can). I got mine from Hobby Lobby.

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and then pour into the glass jar. It should then look like this:

IMG_5840You can use this in the shower or the bath! I have also used a little bit on my lips! Keeps your lips nice and plump.

Make some and give as gifts or keep for yourself! All of my brides will receive one at their trial!

Hope you enjoy and continue to be inspired…



“And Spring arose of the garden fair,

like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;

And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast

rose from he dreams of its wintry rest.”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

daffodils300113093146AMToday is one of my favorite days…not because it’s my birthday…:-) But because it is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! I love this time because all the flowers are blooming, trees are getting their leaves, mother nature is AMAZING!!! This is truly a FABULOUS season!!!

Bring on the Spring…Springtime_Sniffles

My Fabulous “Booger Boys”…

It’s Friday and it’s time to talk about something FABULOUS! I know what you are thinking…Booger Boys? How is that fabulous…sounds gross. It doesn’t have anything to do with being “green” and eco friendly, but it is something fabulous! BB2 NEW Nick cover

Print12 years ago, my husband, Nick Moya, wrote and illustrated his very first children’s book called, Booger Boys and the Eye of OsirisLast year, we decided to revisit it and see if we could self-publish it. After lots of research, we found Createspace, which is a division of Amazon. We put it up and it was amazing to see his first book for sale and printed! Since then, he has written two more. Booger Boys and the Mystery of the Missing Things is out and sold on Amazon along with the first. The third will be out by the summer. Stay tuned.

jenn kids 3

My sister is a Third Grade teacher and she has been reading these books to her class! They are loving them! It is awesome to have little fans and that is what he likes about it. He wants to see his books in the hands of all kids! Getting kids interested in books and reading is his main goal! At my sister’s school, they have a program called Peacebuilders. jenn kids 2This is jenn kids 1where they will praise people and what they have done. Some of the kids in her class decided to write to my husband and I would love to share them with you now.

These books are great for all ages really. If I had to say a specific age group, I would say Middle Grade/Young Readers. They are full of adventure, mystery, friendship and much more. Nick was and still is, inspired by Comic Books. We designed the cover to look like a comic book, but inside you will find a mix of both Chapter books and Comics! I am so proud of my husband and this FABULOUS accomplishment!

If you have kids, boys and girls, please check out these books! They are FABULOUS! (And I’m not just saying that because he is my husband. They really are awesome!) Thank you for your support!

They are available on and Amazon. 532_amazon-1[1]

Straight and Braided

IMG_6404It’s Wednesday again and that means it’s time to talk about WEDDINGS!!!

Today I have another very simple tutorial for a Flower Girl/Jr. Bridesmaid’s hairstyle. The model today is my friend’s daughter, Caylei. So thank you Caylei for being a great model! She loves to have her hair straightened, so that is where I started with this hairstyle.

This picture is the end result of the Straight and Braided! I know that it is a very simple (and maybe easy to some) hairstyle, however, I feel it’s very classic and can be worn at many different ages. Plus, it keeps the hair out of their face so they aren’t messing with it constantly.

What you will need:

Clips, Hair Oil, Thermal Spray, Hair brush, Straightener, Comb, clear rubber band, Hair Spray

Ok, here we go. IMG_6390This is what Caylei’s hair looked like after I brushed it out.

IMG_63921.) From here you are just going to part the hair in different sections and pin them up.

2.) Once you have all your hair sectioned off, now you can begin to straighten the hair. Before you use your straightener, spray each section of the hair with a Thermal Spray. I like to use Enjoy Thermal Spray. Hold about 8 inches away from the hair. Comb it though and then begin to straighten. You will continue this process with every section of the hair.

IMG_63943.) Once you have finished, spray a little bit of the Hair oil all over the hair. I like to use Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil. It’s light weight and helps tame the hair.

4.) Now you will begin your half french braid on both sides of the hair. I don’t have very good pictures of this, but I will be creating a tutorial for this. Once I do, I will place a link in this post!IMG_6403

5.) Once you have both your braids, you will braid them into a regular 3 strand braid down the center back. Tie it off with a clear rubber band, and you are all set. You can add your own hair accesory of your choice. For now, I just used s comb I had created awhile ago. Or you can leave it alone and keep it very simple. Either way, it’s simple and classy.


Plant your greeting cards?

Hello! Welcome to Fun to Be Green Thursdays! This is the day where I will inform you of different ways to make your life a little greener.

Lately, I have been looking for tree-free paper to make for my thank you cards, tags, business cards and even postcards. I have found many great companies out there that sell tree free paper that you can print on, but I’ll get to those in another post. What I also found in my research, is seed paper! I have seen this before, but I had forgotten about it. Most companies who make the seed paper, take post consumer paper and turn it back into a pulp, add seeds and create new life for the paper. You can get seed paper with wild flowers, herbs, plants or other flower seeds depending on the company. seed paper

Most of the time if you want to print on the seed paper, you need a specific printer and ink. Some printers may damage the seeds. If you want something printed on the paper, I suggest going through one of the companies that specialize in this. There is one company that I really like, called Bloomin.bloomin

Bloomin seed paper is biodegradable and grows into wildflowers and other plants. As its popularity and manufacture grows, we continue to add alternative energy and eco-technologies. Our seed paper is crafted from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments. Our products are printed with water-based inks and, when included, use corn-based packaging. Our production facility uses a 30kW solar power system—enough for all of our energy needs and powered by the same sun that makes our products bloom.”

Here are some other companies out there that do seeded paper:

logobotanicalforever fiances

Here is how bloomin tells you to plant their paper. I have noticed most of the companies have similar ways.

How To Grow Seed Paper 

Green thumb or all thumbs, even you can grow wildflowers from our seed paper! Some regions will have better luck with some seeds than others—but all regions will have a variety that thrives. Follow the tips below, and you’ll be enjoying beautiful wildflowers in no time!*
When to Plant1. Plant the paper outdoors in the cooler months, fall through early spring. Fall plantings will take advantage of the winter rains to give you early spring blooms.
2. Plant anytime indoors, then transplant to a more permanent location in early spring.
How to Plant and Nourish

1. Loosen the soil.
2. Soak the seed paper in water overnight.
3. Plant the wet seed paper in the prepared soil, at a depth of about 1/4 inch.
4. Water well, especially during the first four to six weeks.
5. Practice weed control.
*While perennials don’t normally bloom the first year, your annuals will.

Be sure to check them out. If you are feeling crafty, most of the companies sell just the paper by itself, so you can do your own DIY projects!

This is a fantastic way to be green! From wedding invitations to business cards to plantable favors…you can give back to the Earth!