RMS Beauty Brand Spotlight

When I first started researching organic makeup lines, it was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t realize how many there were out there, however, most of them aren’t known to the general public. If it isn’t sold at Sephora, then it almost doesn’t exist. Well I believe that some of the best lines are the ones that have been a secret. I am hoping that I can bring some of those lines out of the dark and into the light for you.


I am starting with one of my favorites, RMS Beauty. It was created by New York based makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift (RMS). Combined with her extensive research on organic ingredients and her expert knowledge as a makeup artist, in 2008, she created RMS Beauty, which is the first organic color cosmetic line in the world!

“RMS beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.”-RMS beauty website

Their list of products include:

  • “un” cover up: a concealer and a light foundation
  • lip 2 cheek: lip and cheek stain. Comes in sheer color and darker stains. Smile is my favorite!!!
  • living luminizer: Does just what it says. Check out my post on this product!
  • lip and skin balm: Heals, protect, hydrates skin, soften fine lines
  • cream eyeshadows: Double as an eye cream that will help nourish and moisturize the eyes
  • “un” powder: The best translucent powder out there!
  • raw coconut cream: makeup remover, facial cleanser, face and body moisturizer. Love me some coconut! Stay tuned for my post on coconut oil!
  • lip shines: Nourishing for your lips. Can be used with or without lip 2 cheek
  • Beauty Oil: Best oil for your skin! Suitable for all skin types. Can be used as a primer before your foundation.

If you have a chance, check them out! This line is great and more should be aware of them. So be inspired…and try something new in your routine.