Our Very Own Rainforest…

This year I am doing something different on Fridays! They are called Fabulous Fridays! I will write and share about places, people, things that I think are Fabulous! I hope that you enjoy. This friday I will talk about a place that is truly amazing and fabulous…the Tropical Rainforest!

Ever since I can knew what the Rainforest was, I knew that I wanted to go there. I wanted to protect it and someday I would do what I could to do my part.
rainforestMy oldest daughter is now almost 7 and she has grown a love for the Rainforest as I do. (I’m sure I have influenced her a bit…not that this is a bad thing.) 🙂 I love seeing her passion at such a young age.

This year I decided that we were not going to have a birthday party for her or her sister. Then one day that changed. She said that she wanted to have a Rainforest birthday! How could I resist that? Then I started thinking, when I was younger why didn’t I think of that? So, I told her that they could have a joint birthday party and it would be for family. (Their birthdays are a month a part.)

Fast forward a couple months, I was busy looking for ideas as to how to have a rainforest party. I found ideas as to how to make vines and I took that and ran with it.

IMG_6347 IMG_6348 IMG_6349IMG_6350

My daughter loves to draw, so she looked up Rainforest animals and drew them herself! I up cycled grocery paper bags and twisted them and added green/brown yarn around them to give them texture. I added green tablecloths and put them on the ceiling to give the idea that you are under a Kapok Tree and all the vines are hanging around you.


This is what the final product looked like from afar. Looks better in person! But the girls loved it! This was definitely one of my favorites to decorate for! We called this our own little Amazon. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit this Fabulous place!

If you want to find more information about this wonderful place and how you can do your part, check out the Rainforest Action Network!

Would love to hear about your fabulous places! Please comment down below!